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Beautiful Bridal Hair that Stays Beautiful All Day


You’ve been imagining every detail of your wedding day for a while now, from your dress and flowers to your cake and wedding party. Have you found the perfect bridal hair style to go with your dress, veil, and accessories?

Standing in front of your mirror, Pinterest images on your phone and hairbrush in your hand, you’ve figured out that some looks are gorgeous on you – and others just aren’t quite your style. You know you want your hair to go with your dress and wedding theme, and you know you want your style to last all day, all the way through your reception.

It’s time to call in a professional. Theoretically, you could hire a random stylist off the Internet or select a family friend for the task. The stylist who does your hair every other would probably be thrilled to get her hands on you for your wedding day.

But do any of these lovely people know how to make sure your hair looks gorgeous – and stays gorgeous for your big day?

Find a stylist who specializes in bridal hair and makeup!

While it is true that any professional stylist is capable of cutting and coloring hair, weddings require special techniques. The up-do, for instance, is a popular style among brides, but not every stylist knows how to do them well.

You don’t want your hair to come undone, but you also don’t want it pulled and clipped so tightly that you start to get a headache. A wedding hair and makeup specialist knows how to create a look that lasts, and does it in a way that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful all day.

You want a wedding hairstylist who sees what you’re imagining, and who can make your hair look stunningly beautiful… you, at your very best. You also want a stylist you can count on to be a calming, happy presence as your bridal party gets ready together. Also, you know you’ll feel most confident if your stylist can come to your location to help you get ready.

Kathleen Benjamin is a bride’s best friend!

She has twenty-two years of experience that place her a cut above the rest, and she’s specialized in bridal hair and makeup for the past fifteen years. Kathleen knows when to give advice about beauty and when to let the bride share her desires. She exudes patience and gives personalized attention to every bride. Your hairstyle will not be a cookie cutter look that you have seen several times over. Kathleen has a way of making styles uniquely different for each customer.

Here’s What to Expect When You Book Kathleen for Your Wedding

Beautiful hair for your wedding is not merely a matter of you and Kathleen meeting up on the day of the event. There are several steps that Benjamin takes to ensure that her clients have gorgeous hair. Here’s the best way for us to get the wedding hair you want:

  • Schedule a wedding hair trial. We’ll work around your busy schedule to make sure you have plenty of time to dream about what you’d like – and then to make it happen.

  • Come in for your trial. We’ll style your hair just the way you want it for your wedding day. If you’ve seen a picture on Pinterest that you just love, we’ll do all we can to make it work for your particular hair type. While we can’t work miracles to give you a style that only works for hair that’s very different from yours, we can always find a way to modify the style so it works beautifully on you.

  • Bring your headpiece. If you’ve got a special accessory you’d like to wear in your hair, bring it with you so we can be sure the hairstyle you choose works with everything else you’ve got planned.

  • We’ll stay in touch before your weddingKathleen will send you home after your trial with some tips for making your hair gloriously healthy in the weeks and months leading up to your big day. We’ll stay in touch, so if you have any changes or want to try another look, you’ll be taken care of – you’ll love Kathleen’s patient personality.

  • Get ready for some fun, relaxing, pampering hair and makeup time. We’ll plan to meet you at your venue early enough that there’s plenty of time to get you and your bridesmaids gorgeous. You’ll enjoy the royal treatment as you get ready to take your walk down the aisle.

If you want your wedding day to be the most beautiful day you’ve had yet, now’s the time to start making that dream come true. Book your bridal hair trial today, and let your wedding dreams start unfolding.