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Bridal Makeup

 Kathleen Benjamin’s Deft Hand Makes Your Bridal Makeup Perfect! 

The dress, the shoes, the flowers, the hair – your wedding plans are coming together beautifully, and now it’s time to think about your bridal makeup. We hear the same basic request all the time: I want to look like myself, just… more so.

Even the top cosmetics lines you can buy will streak, fade, and smear – especially with all the smiling, kissing, hugging, and socializing you’ll be doing on your big day. Throw in a dance, some joyful tears, and grabbing a bite of food now and then, and everyday makeup doesn’t stand a chance.

You need a bridal makeup expert who’s got the cosmetics, talent, and techniques needed to make your beauty last all day long.

Kathleen Benjamin’s On-Site Wedding Makeup and Hair Services

Bridal makeup is the finishing touch that holds your entire look together. Your dress can be the most beautiful gown in town, and your hair can be beyond adorable, but it all means little if the makeup is wrong.

Your wedding day makeup has to look natural enough that you don’t look like a clown – but strong enough to last through all of the emotions and contact your big day will bring. That’s no job for ordinary over-the-counter makeup, or for an amateur makeup artist.

Professional Bridal Makeup

This is your wedding day, and everything should be done with excellence. Don’t forget about your face! Your makeup artist should be skilled enough to know what works, and doesn’t work, with your skin tone. She should also be patient and willing to help you find a look you love.

Kathleen Benjamin has made brides all over New Jersey look their absolute best with her on-site wedding hair and makeup services. Kathleen knows that brides have a lot to think about leading up to their wedding day and, as a result, may be a bit indecisive in terms of what they want. She brings her ideas to the table and helps clients develop their vision into a look that makes you feel your most beautiful.

Many women find that pictures of made up brides on Pinterest don’t have the same effect on them. Go too dark, and you’ll end up with an unnatural, hard look. Go too light, and you’ll look washed out. Go with the wrong spectrum of colors, and the look will be just off.

Kathleen not only knows colors and skin tones like the back of her hand, but she’s got the expert air-brushing skills and extremely high-end cosmetics that will leave you looking flawlessly gorgeous. Your makeup will look as beautiful as you and your groom make your escape as you did the moment you took your first steps down the aisle.

The best way to make sure your bridal makeup makes you look as beautiful as you’ve dreamed is to bring Kathleen on-site for your wedding day.

Book a bridal makeup trial ahead of time, and you’ll be able to forget about this worry for good. You’re going to look lovely!