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Kathleen Benjamin

Who Can You Trust Your Wedding Hair and Makeup to for Your Big Day?

As someone who has done wedding hair and makeup for more than 25 years, Kathleen Benjamin has heard it all. “Style it this way,” some brides say. “Curl it that way,” others request. “How can you make sure every strand stays in place during the formal pictures?” You name it, and she has probably heard it.

Patience and Creativity for Your Wedding Day Style

Patience leads the way in Kathleen’s efforts to satisfy the bride because she understands that nerves are at an all-time high during this time. As a bride, you don’t have to just worry about yourself – you also have a certain look in mind for your bridesmaids, and you want everyone to have fun and look gorgeous.

That’s why Kathleen goes to the bride and tailors her styling time around her established schedule. The top goal is to be beautiful, ready, and relaxed on-time, and to have fun in the process on the wedding day.

Passion for Bridal Hair and Makeup Rules

Kathleen’s clients always notice that her passion for helping brides look their best makes for a wonderful experience. She is not just an ordinary stylist who is willing to work your wedding schedule, but rather someone who absolutely loves to see your dreams come to fruition.

She understands the importance of hair and makeup remaining intact throughout the marriage ceremony and reception, which is why she uses exclusive products and professional techniques that guarantee you’ll look as beautiful leaving at the end of the day as you did when you first walked down the aisle.

Forget about looking “made up” or like you stepped off the set of Steel Magnolias, the whole goal is to make you look like you… at your most beautiful. Kathleen’s artful and light hand will give you a naturally gorgeous look.

More about Kathleen Benjamin

Prior to traveling the country for brides, Kathleen was a hairstylist in a salon. She had a steady flow of clients who enjoyed her creativity and boasted of her ability to be patient and accommodate their needs.

Although the salon was quite lovely, Benjamin found her joy in styling women for wedding days. Something about seeing their facial expressions after looking in the mirror and seeing the perfect up-do just made her heart warm.

As a result, Kathleen took her ideas on the road and went full time as a wedding stylist. Such specialization is definitely not for the faint of heart, but Kathleen has proven herself to be one that is cut out for the job. Her compassion and empathy for brides in distress exude to the point of calming tension and helping the wife-to-be enjoy the entire process.


Kathleen invites you to receive the experience of a lifetime with a free trial of her service. Bring your ideas and dreams with you, and together, we’ll find the look you’ll love for your wedding day.

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