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Bridgewater Bridal Hair and Makeup

Fashion-conscious brides in Bridgewater, New Jersey know that the dress is only part of the package. Sure, your shoes, jewelry, and lingerie are all part of the total look you want on your wedding day, but there’s still more. Your hair and makeup are the finishing touches on your look as a bride, and now is the time to start planning them.

Bridal Hairstyles that Stay Put and Keep Up

Whether you want a fancy up-do or a romantic braid, your wedding hairstyle needs to coordinate with your dress, veil, and any hair accessories you want to use. Now is when your Pinterest addiction becomes most useful!

Of course, online photos of hairstyles don’t always work out in real life – but you’ll never know until you do a trial run to see. That’s why brides rely on Kathleen Benjamin as they put the finishing touches on their wedding day plans.

When you book a trial run for your wedding hairstyle, we’ll talk about what you’re envisioning for your big day. We’ll take a look at your hair and face shape, and then we’ll start to play a bit to see what looks we can create. You are always in charge here, and we’ll keep trying different looks until we hit the ONE. We’ll both know it the moment we see it!

Your Wedding Day Makeup

Even the most talented amateur makeup artist can’t compare with what we can do for your bridal makeup. There are a couple of reasons why what we create will look far more beautiful than what you could do on your own – and last until you take it off. First, with more than fifteen years of experience doing brides’ makeup, we’ve developed some serious skills. Second, we use professional quality cosmetics, applied with an airbrush for a weightless, flawless finish that lasts and lasts.

Rather than worrying about your makeup looking caked-on and unflattering – or smudging and fading throughout the day, you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing you’ll look stunningly beautiful all day. You’ll look like you (what a concept, right?)… at your very best. No matter how many people hug and kiss you in your receiving line, no matter how hot and humid your reception venue gets, you’ll look as gorgeous by the end of the day as you did when you first walked down the aisle. Only a professional can get results like that.

On-Site Bridal Hair and Makeup

On your wedding day, Kathleen and her assistants will meet you at your venue and begin working on your entire bridal party. There’s nothing like getting some pampering to calm jitters, and you’ll see why our brides absolutely love having us with them as they get ready to walk down the aisle. Everyone ends up feeling beautiful, confident, and relaxed – and that’s the best way to kick off your big day.

Book your trial run with Kathleen Benjamin now, and you’ll see why we’re a favorite of Bridgewater brides.



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