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6 Common questions I get asked all the time as a bridal hair and makeup artist.

1) Am I free on your wedding day?

This is one of the most common question I get, and people are always surprised when they find out that im booked! They wait until 6 months out to contact me. My best advise is to call & book 1-1-1/2 years out. You can always wait to do the trial session, but if you're using a reputable company chances are they will book up fast so don't wait until last minut

2) Can we do a makeup trial and when?

Yes! your going to want to know what your hair and makeup is going to look like and wear it for the day go out to eat or do a photo shoot! A lot of time brides plan their engagement shoot around the trial. Before scheduling the trial you should have an idea about how you want to wear your hair and makeup. Best piece of advise is to look back on a time when you felt & looked amazing! What was the esthetics of your look? Try to recreate the same look.

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3) Scheduling additional services ?

  1. Yes we can absolutely accommodate additional services.

  2. I work with a team of artist. We book according to the the size of the brides bridal party and the timing.

  3. You should have all this information by the time you go to your trial session

  4. The more time the company has to plan the better for you and your party. Ultimate Bride Checklist

4) Do I have a website blog & am Insured ? Yes my website On-Site Hair and Makeup insured and licensed LLC Business.

5) How will I keep my makeup fresh and what you will need to do throughout the day?

We use long wearing high definition makeup or airbrush in addition to that we use primers and setting sprays. The only thing that does not last are the lips! You will need to touch up your lips after eating and drinking and for that we recommend you either purchase the same product that was used at the trial session or just bring your favorite lip.

  1. You can pack blotting papers if you sweat a lot.

  2. If your hair has a tendency to go flat you might want to bring a hot iron.

  3. Lash glue in case a drunk uncle hugs your to tight and loosen up a lash.

  4. Q-tips for crying - you want to dab no wiping

6) Making changes during the trial session feeling uncomfortable.

Yes we can always make any adjustments during the trial session. Most of the time your meeting for the first time, and so you have no idea about the likes and dislikes of the person, so its important to clearly stay that its ok to speak up if your not liking the way the hair style is headed and for makeup you need to communicate clearly your likes and dislikes.

  1. Bring images from Pinterest Instagram

  2. Keep an open mind

  3. Keep in mind the time of year your getting marrie

  4. Blow your hair out 1 day before using root lifter and styling product.

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