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8 Best Spring /Summer Lip Colors For The Natural Bride Look In 2023.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

This year's most commonly used natural bridal lip colors, listed in the order that they are swatched on my arm, are as follows and for reference my skin tone is fair to medium Im neutral with cool tones. The colors I use most are Dior lip Addict 006 Charlotte Tilbury # 2 the berry tone and NYX Mauve SPL831 with Magnolia Shimmer Gloss

  1. Two cult favorites. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Revolution in shades #1 and #2. The first is a soft, neutral pink, and the second is a berry pink-toned neutral lip color. When selecting lip products for my clients, I tend to use shades that closely match the color of their lips (a "my lips but better" look), unless they are seeking a bold lip color, in which case we match the shade to their skin tone.

  2. If you love a balm Dior Lip Addict in shade #006 is a balm that is similar to chapstick, but with a softer texture. If you prefer a balm with a chapstick-like feel, Charlotte Tilbury's #1 Pillow Talk lip balm is also an excellent option.

  3. Long Wearing For those seeking a long-wearing lip color that won't dry out their lips, Chanel Tender Beige is a great choice. I highly recommend visiting a Chanel counter at Bloomingdales to have a demonstration done on you, as it is truly long-lasting and not drying

  4. Another cult favorite is MAC's Lip Pencil in shades Spice paired with Laritzy Cosmetics in Vibe and

  5. Mac's Lip pencil Soar. paired with Beauty Counter 90241 gloss I use the pencils all over the lips and then apply a lip gloss in a similar tone to the entire lip area. Lip pencils have more pigment than regular lipsticks and tend to last longer. I also use NYX's lip pencil in SPL831 Mauve and pair it with Beauty Counter's lip gloss 90241.

  6. Note* for the beauty counter products you can go to the website or they now sell it at Ulta

In conclusion, the best rule to follow when looking for a natural lip color is to choose a shade that closely matches the natural pigment of your lips. If you need assistance identifying this color, simply visit any makeup counter and ask for help. With these natural-looking lip colors, you'll be sure to look and feel your best on your big day!

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