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How to schedule the best stress-free wedding day hair and makeup.

So you found the hair and makeup company to work with on wedding day.

In this article we will go over.

  1. Questions you need to ask yourself before you schedule the hair and makeup company.

  2. How to create a timeline that you can adhere to.

  3. Where the bride should go in the lineup.

  4. Questions to get clarity on before you schedule your wedding hair and makeup.

Determine the number of services needed? Hair and Makeup

  • Check with the Hair and Makeup company to ensure they can accommodate the number of services you have confirmed with your party. Ask the company how many stylists they plan to have onboard for XYZ # of services, in my option each hairstylist +makeup artist can do roughly 5 to 7 services without feeling pressured.

  • Check with your photographer to determine the finish time. Roughly 3 hours prior to the ceremony if you're doing a first look & photos before, if you're doing the first look at the ceremony you have more time to get ready but don't forget need to calculate any travel time if your planning to leave to go to a church or venue, from wherever you're getting ready at. Check millage & do the math

  • Re confirm # services with your party.

  • Discuss with your party how they are wearing their hair, down or in updos?

  • It can get a little complicated for the hairstylist who doesn't know what your bridal party will want with their hair and whether or not the hair will hold.

  • Give the hairstylist a full description of the bridal party's hair and photos of the styles they are envisioning.

  • Over communication is key.

  • If they are wearing the hair down does it hold a curl?

  • Ask the stylist for suggestions on how the guest should prepare their the day before, especially for hard to hold hair.

  • I always recommend a root lifter and some type of styling product that will help enhance/control whatever hair type the guest has.

  • Frizzy hair use a smoothing shampoo and styling smoothing product

  • Fine thin hair volumizing and hair thickener ( I actually like mousse) I know its very 90s.

  • Curly hair use a curl enhancer I recommend Quai

  • Blowouts the day before.

  • Do any of the women have hair extensions that need to be applied? All of these things can really rack up the time, and if the artist has to spend time prepping the hair that doesn't curl, or if the hair is frizzy, and she needs to smooth it out first before she can do the styling.

  • Bride should schedule herself 1st for hair setting 2nd to last for makeup next to last for finish work on the hair. Never last!! Its to anxiety producing.

  • Let's go over how to schedule a makeup


Having a good skincare routine is key to a great makeup application and probably the single most important thing you can do to ensure your foundation looks hydrated and glowing for any occasion, especially a wedding day! Start by implementing a skincare routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sunblock.

  • Pictures are a great way to communicate likes, and dislikes. I always recommend Pinterest, Instagram for ideas.

  • Scheduling I allow 45 Minutes per service divided by how many stylists for both hair and makeup- figure out your finish time, and count backwards, to determine the start time, taking into consideration any guest with thick hair, or hair that does not curl well. Example: 5 Hair and 5 Makeup need to be ready by 1 pm I round it off to the nearest hour Start time for hair and makeup will be 8 am finish 1 pm 4 hours total of getting ready time.

  • Good luck and Have fun!!

On-Site Hair and Makeup


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