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Top Wedding Hairstyles for "2021"

So its time to schedule your bridal hair and makeup trial session and of course you want your style to be on trend for 2021!

When its time for you to schedule your bridal hair and makeup trial, Here are some of the questions you're going to get asked, or at least us here at On-Site Hair and Makeup will ask you the following...

  1. What does your dress look like ?

  2. How would you like to wear your hair, or how do you normally wear your hair on a daily basis ?

  3. Updo or down do ?

  4. What time of year are you getting married ?

  5. What type of venue ? Ballroom Farm Shabby Chic, Brewery, Winery, Factory, Etc..

  6. Do you want to consider hair extensions? I recommend for all fine hair & down styles especially if your hair doesn't hold a curl.

  7. All of the above need to be taken into consideration before we start this process.

Most brides have a rough idea of how they want to wear their hair, and some have collected pictures of what their envisioning, most brides find inspiration on either Instagram or Pinterest.

Heres the problem when you go to Pinterest and instagram....

Unless you're the person in the picture you really don't know how the style will look on you.

It's a good idea to keep an open mind about your hair styling!

I recommend starting off with a hair set, although this is a relatively old technique its still important to do for "2021" stylings. Im talking about the old fashioned 50's styled set. Do this to your hair at first, doing this will give your hair a lift off your scalp so its not laying flat on your head. If its hot, or your nerves get the best of you and you start to sweat your hair will never have tell tale signs, so I recommend doing this you first, it just gives it a really good foundation for the styling.

1 day before I recommend a blowout and using a Root lifter & Foam Mousse. My favorite combo is the one from Paul Mitchell Root Boost and Paul Mitchell Body Sculpting Foam for fine and medium thickness hair, and for thicker curly hair, that has a tendency to frizz. I would use a blow out cream R+CO Waterfall Blowout and use a small bit of oil to tame any frizz. I love this one from R+Co Two Way Mirror and either by you doing your blowout 1 -2 days before, or having it done professionally.

In my opinion one of the biggest mistake is when your hair styling is too stiff and crunchy looking and doesn't look soft and natural.

You want your hair to be soft and flowing yet still hold a wave or curl.

This is why it's important to use the styling products 1 -2 days before the timing depends on your hair texture and oil production.

Download my free Guide: Ultimate Bridal Checklist Its a guide to help you plan for your big day!

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