What is safer skincare & does it really work?

It's beauty and selfcare without all the harmful chemicals. The FDA does not have the authority to remove harmful ingredients from personal care products. What!! I myself have recently have become aware of how harmful some of these ingredients are and studies show that serious health issues( like cancer, infertility and asthma) are on the rise in some part due to ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals.

I was shocked to learn the lack of regulation in the U.S.A

The USA versus European Union has banned 1,400 harmful ingredients from products while the USA has banned 30

Beautycounter mission is about getting safer cleaner products into the hand of the consumer.

One of the reasons I decided to join Beautycounter was that I wanted to be sure that I was recommneding a safer skin care & beauty products to my clients. Beautycounter has helped pass the biggest update to the cosmetic safey laws since 1938 they responsibly source all of the ingredients and are committed to getting safer cleaner cosmetics into the consumers hands. My favorite products are the C Serum it brightens the skin and fades dark spots along with the Overnight Peel that removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture.

We are Beautycounter - How to join?

Does safe skincare really work?

  1. Today's beauty industry has very little regulation and the supply chain is complex.

  2. What Beauty counter is doing.

  3. Beautycounter offers safer skincare products while delivering the exceptional performance we educate the public about environmental health issues, advocate for health-protective laws, and build a movement towards change in the industry.

  4. There are some regulations, but very few on ingredients safety Some of the chemicals that are used are getting into our bodies. Beautycounter has a 5 step ingredients process in which we prohibit over 1,500 ingredients. Beautycounter chooses ingredients with little or no risk to health there are still major date gaps regarding many cosmetic ingredients we do not assume that absence of date means a chemical is safe, we review emerging data regularly and even occasionally commission our own studies.

  5. How you can find safer products?

  6. The never list is a robust list helping you recognize and understand and avoid these ingredients as a matter of fact if you download the free app EWG stands for the Environmental Working Group you'll be able to scan product regularly while your shopping to see which is the safer product.

  7. So remember with the app you can always choose the safer product & if you would like to know more about Beautycounter products, or perhaps even become a consultant so you can buy the products at a discount, you can follow the link below the link right here

You can become a memeber and receive free shipping and 10% off and credit towarsd future purchases,or you can join for as little as 50.00 and become a consutanat and receive up to 35% in commissions. 25% off product purchases .

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