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Which Temptu Pro Airbrush Kit Is Best? Pros - Cons Of 3 Systems.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Which Temptu Pro airbrush makeup brands are popular among makeup artists and celebrities? Some of the widely used kits in the industry are:

1. Temptu-Air

This lightweight and portable gun come with a pod attachment and a rechargeable compressor. It weighs only 1/2 lb and is highly recommended for beginner students who love to travel.

2. 2.0 complete kit

(Below)This kit, weighing 1 lb, is also an excellent choice for beginner students who want a compact and portable airbrush makeup system for travel.

3. S1 complete kit:

(Above) Although weighing 5 lb, this kit is still a favorite among makeup artists and celebrities. It may not be ideal for travel, but its features make it stand out among the other two kits.

Temptu kit

Cost on Pro site



Temptu air


Lightweight at 1/2 lb. easy to clean, no cord, rechargeable and quiet.

Does not give enough power and takes too much time

2.0 Complete kit


Lightweight at 1lb. use precision gun application

Hard to clean and not enough power, cord tangles easily

S1 Complete kit


Great gun precision application fast and powerful when working within time restrictions large cheer for mixing foundation

Heavy to carry at 5 lb.s Cord tangles easily, bulky and takes up a lot of room.

To conclude

My initial experience with the 2.0 kit left me feeling frustrated whenever the gun clogged or the application took too long. However, upon purchasing the S1 Complete kit, I was enamored with its power. Nevertheless, I found it too bulky to use outside of my studio station. As a result, I opted for the Temptu air, which lacked the cord and gun but still didn't quite match up to the S1 in terms of power. Ultimately, I have realized that I truly appreciate and require the S1 gun and compressor's strength.

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