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Morristown Wedding Hair and Makeup

In a trendy like Morristown, New Jersey, we’re not messing around when it comes to weddings. That’s why brides call in the pros for wedding hair and makeup that looks gorgeous and lasts all day and night.

You know how it was at your girlfriends’ weddings. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the bride when first started down the aisle, taking her in and noticing every detail. Hair, makeup, dress – all perfect… or unfortunately “off” in some way. There’s this odd and (usually) unspoken competition among brides. Who looked gorgeous? Whose look was a copycat of another bride’s hairstyle? Whose makeup melted by the time the first dance was over?

All you want is for your bridal hair and makeup to look stunningly beautiful, and to last until you and your husband drive away, waving at your guests as they talk about what a lovely day it’s been. Of course, finding the perfect hairstyle for your big day – and making sure it stays perfect all day – is not a task you’ll want to leave until the last minute.

Morristown Brides Love Kathleen Benjamin

With more than 15 years of experience helping brides find their perfect hairstyle, Kathleen will make you and your entire bridal party picture-perfect on your big day. Once you’ve got your dress and venue, you can book a trial run for yourself and your bridal party to nail the updo you’ll wear on your wedding day.

You know all those Pins on your wedding board on Pinterest? We’ll sort through to see which styles will work best for your hair type, face shape, preferences, and veil or hairpiece. What’s funny is that sometimes you’ll come in with one idea in mind, and then decide to go an entirely different direction. Not to worry! Being in this business for so long, patience is a strong suit. We’ll work together to find your perfect look.

The same goes with your wedding makeup. No matter how skilled you are with applying cosmetics in your normal everyday life, on your wedding day, it’s another story. There’s a fine balance to strike, and the goal is to make you look like you… at your very best.

We use professional-grade cosmetics with expert airbrush techniques to give you a look that is fresh and beautiful. Your makeup will last all day, too, without smudging, streaking, or fading. Even through all the kisses and hugs in your receiving line, you’ll finish looking as gorgeous as the moment you left the chair.

On your wedding day, Kathleen and her assistants will come to your venue to help you get ready. Our expertise doesn’t end with your hair and makeup – we’ve also been told we’ve got a way with nervous brides and bridesmaids, helping everyone relax and have fun. This is your day to shine, after all!

Expert Hair and Makeup for Brides

Your wedding is your big day, and we feel so honored to get to play a small part in making it a day you’ll love remembering. By arranging for on-site hair and makeup services, you’ll go a long way toward keeping your butterflies calm and giving your entire bridal party a good time getting ready together.

If you’re getting married in or near Morristown, book your trial run now so you can get your look finalized and focus on all the other tasks on your list.



Let's make 100% sure that the look you want is the look you get.

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