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Airbrush Is All The Big Rage...But Is It Really Worth It?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a foundation, eye shadow, contour eyebrow or root touch up, its applied to the skin with a airbrush gun that hooked up to a compressor, it can sometimes be silicon base & waterproof and last up to 24 hours. It's a micro fine mist that is sprayed out through a medical grade gun.

How is applied?

With a medical grade gun that's attached to a hose and a compressor, but that being said I have used it with a brush, and a sponge as its weightless and builds on layers, so its more of buildable coverage that can be used over a blemishes or hyper pigmentation for more coverage. Its engineered to mimic flawless skin, but this only happens if the skin itself is in good condition.

Who is it not good for?

Oily skin with large pores dry skin. Because it's sprayed on it lays on the surface of the skin, so if you have dry flaky skin it will look dull and dry looking and with oily skin which typically has large pores, it will lay on the the surface and accentuate the press, the best skin type for any makeup is well hydrated skin thats been recently exfoliated. Airbrush makeup is a very fine mist its almost looks like nothing is coming out of the gun and lays on the surface of the skin its also not good for people with wrinkles as airbrush makeup sits on top of the skin and will sink into the pores or wrinkles.

Can I use regular traditional foundation in the airbrush gun?

No it will cause the gun to clog its way to thick on its own. You can use a mix thinner that the company that makes the gun will provide. You would always want to read & follow the instructions for the makeup thinner.

Airbrush makeup for the bride.

I get this question all the time, and honestly it depends solely on your skin type.

If you have well hydrated skin then this product is for you, if not then you ll need a traditional foundation application that a little more opaque and easier to blend with either a sponge or brush to get better coverage you can then afterwards go over the traditional foundation with the airbrush to give it a softer finish. Honestly I love airbrush makeup and use it on 90% of my clients, even if the gun application is not for you, we can always modify and use a sponge or brush.

Which airbrush do I use?

Temptu and all its different products...

Brillant glow

Perfect Canvas

Bronzer and Contour

Blush /Highlighter

Eye shadow

What its not!


No sulfates

No formaldehydes

No Fragrance

Not tested on animals

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