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How To: Groom Services On Wedding Day.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Groom services on a wedding day typically include professional hair and makeup services, as well as other grooming treatments such as shaving or beard trimming. The specific services included in a groom's package may vary depending on the individual needs and preferences of the groom,

Here are some common groom services that may be included on a wedding day:

Hair Styling and Neck Trim:

A professional haircut should be done 1- 2 weeks prior to wedding day or whatever schedule your stylist has you on. Schedule a regular haircut with a barber or hairstylist is something personal prefernace and should be scheduled at regular intervels the stylist should consult with the groom to understand his preferences and recommend a hairstyle that complements his face shape, hair texture, and personal style. The hairstylist on wedding day can style it using high-quality products, and finish with hairspray or pomade to hold the style in place.


While it's not as common for men to get makeup done on their wedding day, some grooms may opt for makeup services to even out their skin tone or hide blemishes. A professional makeup artist can apply foundation, concealer, and powder, and may also add subtle contouring to define the groom's features.

Skincare and treatments:

Many groom services packages also include skincare treatments such as facials or skin exfoliation to help the groom look his best on the big day. Its also recommended to start a skincare regime suited for your skin type months before the wedding


Groom services on a wedding day aim to help the groom feel confident and look his best on his big day. By providing professional grooming services, the groom can relax and enjoy the wedding day knowing that he looks his best. Haircuts and beard trims should be done by your regular stylists to ensure the timing of cuts are on point.

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