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5 things to do to have a successful bridal hair and makeup trial

Updated: Mar 10

In this post, you will learn exactly what to do to prepare yourself for the best bridal hair and makeup trial.You will know what to ask and how to prepare you hair and skin so that it will last all day.

Preparation and communication are key to a successful bridal hair and makeup trial. Use the below list as a guide of things to take into consideration.

First you will want to start with a good skincare and haircare routine whether your skin is oily, dry, or normal, no amount of makeup can create a healthy, glowing makeup look if the skin is not being cared for properly.Hair prep is equally important; I have most of my clients start with a blowout using products that best fit their hair description. Root lifters are great for adding volume at the root, and mousse is great for holding curls. Curly hair styles should use the same products that they normally use, so that the overall texture doesn't change too much.