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5 Things To Do To Have A Successful Bridal Hair And Makeup Trial

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

In this post, you will learn exactly what to do to prepare yourself for the best bridal hair and makeup trial.You will know what to ask and how to prepare you hair and skin so that it will last all day.

Preparation and communication are key to a successful bridal hair and makeup trial. Use the below list as a guide of things to take into consideration.

First you will want to start with a good skincare and haircare routine whether your skin is oily, dry, or normal, no amount of makeup can create a healthy, glowing makeup look if the skin is not being cared for properly.Hair prep is equally important; I have most of my clients start with a blowout using products that best fit their hair description. Root lifters are great for adding volume at the root, and mousse is great for holding curls. Curly hair styles should use the same products that they normally use, so that the overall texture doesn't change too much.

Communication is key! Start with the overall look you are trying to achieve; if you have pictures of looks that you loved from previous events, bring them. If you have images of looks that you didn't like as much, bring them too. As well as your everyday overall look, do you wear your hair down most of the time? Do you hardly wear any makeup? Do you hate lip color? These things can make a huge difference.

Create a mood board; this will help the person working with you understand the theme you are trying to create.Keep in mind the time of year you're getting married; you might not want a down style if you're getting married in a hot climate, but if you always wear your hair down, there are ways to wear your hair up so that you feel like your normal self. By leaving the updo low on the neck and leaving soft pieces out around the face, you can still feel like you.

When it comes to makeup, bring inspiration photos, keep in mind that if you don't ever wear makeup trying photos from the internet might feel overwhelming and jar you a bit, take the overall look you found down a notch or two, you can always add on if you want more of something like, eye liner, lip color, blush or bronzer. If you're looking to try lashes for the first time now's the time, but start with the most natural looking. One of the biggest complaints I get is way too much makeup is very uncomfortable to wear not only in the way it looks but the way it feels.

Hair accessories: for the most part, you I would wait to buy any until you find the hairstyle that you love, before purchasing any accessories. The last thing you want is a beautiful accessory that looks terrible with the hairstyle you love. If you like the overall look of the hair but feel like its lacking a bit, you might ant to try hair extensions, or at least a hair pad in an updo. Hair extensions are similar to what fake lashes do, they just give that extra pop to the over all look.

Lastly, try to schedule the trial on a day where you can go out and enjoy it; Then see how it holds up, how it look in different light, and take note of any changes you might want. If you're wearing down style see how it holds up throughout the day. Some events brides use the trials for are weddings, showers and engagement shoots. keep in mind that our busy times are weekends so it might be conflicting to schedule, but we try to do our best to accommodate.

Speak up! If you don't like something or you're not feeling it, you need to let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments, everything we do can be adjusted we just need to communicate effectively.

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