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Should The Bride Have Her Hair Or Makeup Done First? 5 Reason Why You Should Do Makeup First!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Whether the bride should get her hair or makeup done first on the wedding day can vary depending on personal preference and the schedule for the day. However, I recommended that the bride get her makeup done first, followed by hairThe reason for this is that hairstyling can get in the way of having makeup done right the makeup artist will want to work up to the hair line and not mess up the hair while doing so.Of course, every bride's schedule and preferences will be different, so it's important to communicate with your hairstylist and makeup artist ahead of time to coordinate a schedule that works best for you and your wedding day timeline. We typically wait until the very end to touch up and apply lips so that everything is perfect as she walks out the door.

Here are five reason makeup should be first!

1. Avoid smudging:

Getting makeup done first can help ensure that it has time to set properly, reducing the risk of smudging or smearing during the hair styling process.

2. Reduce time spent in the makeup chair:

If the bride's hair requires a lot of time or attention, getting the makeup done first can help speed up the process and reduce the total time spent in the makeup chair. Ensure proper color coordination

3. If the bride has specific color preferences for her makeup

Getting the makeup done first can help ensure that the colors are coordinated properly and complement each other.

4. Reduce discomfort during hair styling:

Some hairstyles may require the bride to tilt her head or lay down, which can cause makeup to smudge or smear. Getting the makeup done first can reduce this discomfort and help ensure that the makeup stays in place.

5. Reduce stress:

For some brides, getting the makeup done first can help them feel more relaxed and confident, knowing that one aspect of their wedding day look is complete and they can focus on the rest of the day's events. I don't ever recommend having the bride go last in the line up, I feel its to anxiety producing and its better to startle process some=where in the middle of the schedule.

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