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5 Ways To Style Medium Length Hair For A Wedding

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

What is still debated is whether medium-length hair is just below the ear, in the middle of the neck, or just hitting the shoulder. In this post, you will learn and see different ways to style your hair, so that you can feel and look glamorous for your wedding.

1. Style medium length hair for a wedding by creating vintage 40's waves

If you want to give off a look of pure style and class for an elegant setting truths look with 1 side pulled back behind the ear, try using a pin to add bait of flare.

2. A wavy bob or lob with soft, straight ends is a very trendy look now

The trick here is to not curl the ends too tightly and to give off a light, airy wave that is a bit disheveled. This look can be worn on any medium length hair and gives just enough volume at the root. It can also be fun to wear with sides pulled back or with a braid incorporated, a headband, and some peek-a-boo highlights or baby lights.

3. Braided hair pulled to the side

Try this look with a plunging side part and soft, effortless waves. Be sure to pull the braid apart so that it's not too tight on the side. I love this look with thick hair, but if your hair is finer, you might want to twist the hair instead so that you get more volume. Sometimes the braid looks too weak and wimpy.

4. A low bun

This works best on medium length hair thats at least 2 inches at the nape of the head, if not you'll have straight pieces popping out in that area.The good news is that you can get a nice looking bun if we have at least 2-3 inches of hair to work with you might need to add a hair pad. or bun holder to give extra volume.

5. Hair toppers for fine or thinning hair that needs more volume

Many women and men have experienced hair loss as a side effect of COVID-19, which can be especially traumatic for middle-aged women whose daughters are getting married. The good news is that it has been reported that the hair grows back to its normal texture and thickness. If you have a wedding coming up and need to feel your best, then this is the perfect option: they are easy to use and basically sit on top of your head, incorporating your front hair pieces to blend it all in so it looks like your hair. Really, they are very natural looking.

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